See what makes Accoa different and how this can benefit you…directly from partners in practice.

Keith Graham – Westbury

“If I can change the way I behave as managing partner, then I can get others to change”

Keith Graham

Westbury – 6 partners

Naz Khaliq – Dynamix Accountancy

“We’re more organised, we measure more, we’re more profitable, and we achieve more.”

Naz Khaliq

Dynamix – 2 partners

Paul Carvell –  The SFB Group

“The turnover has trebled, staff numbers have doubled, and I’ve grown personally. I now work 4 days a week and take 10 weeks holiday a year.”

Paul Carvell

SFB – 5 Directors
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Ashley Barrowclough – Balance Accountants.

“That’s the big difference with Accoa, I have somebody specifically helping me to work on my own personal business.”

Ashley Barrowclough

Balance – 1 partner

Graham Eden – Cognitor

“What we get from Accoa that we don’t get elsewhere is the catalyst to implement all of our ideas, thoughts and processes.”

Graham Eden

Balance – 1 partner

Matt Donnelly – ad+

“I think that I’ve personally grown more in the last few months as an individual than I have in the 38 years up till now.”

Matt Donnelly

ad+- 1 partner

Jeremy Harbinson – Harbinson Mulholland

“We’ve already seen the implementation of structure, and goals and plans are highly beneficial.”

Jeremy Harbinson

Harbinson Mulholland – 9 partners

Alan Rajah – Lawrence Grant

“My coach provides me with a structured plan that I never had before. It enables me to focus my time on key areas of the practice.”

Alan Rajah

Lawrence grant – 4 partners

Michael Donnelly – ad+

“I fully believe in the importance of having somebody external to the firm holding us to account in order to be successful.”

Michael Donnelly

ad+ – 1 partner