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Rudi Jansen

Who is Rudi Jansen

Rudi Jansen is the founder of Accoa and has been helping businesses and accounting firms in the UK grow and prosper since 2006.

Qualifying as a chartered accountant in South Africa before moving to the UK in 2003 with his family, he worked both within practice and commerce to gain a wide experience.

Having had an ambition of truly understanding what it is that gets business owners to go from where they are to where they want to be – and what it is that actually gets them there, in 2006 he opened a business coaching company based on a theoretical model he developed.

Learning from and apprenticing to some of the top business coaches in the world, mastering the art of coaching business owners to fantastic results was just a matter of time and perseverance.

Results were quite astounding and over the years both Rudi’s skills as well as the coaching model he uses has been refined. He has coached over 220 small to medium businesses and helped them achieve amazing results. Since 2012 focusing purely on accountancy practices.

Rudi has developed proven techniques for identifying what is important for a firm’s growth. Some of his major strengths are deep listening, seeing the big picture, complete focus and bringing accountability to the table in a way which actually yields results for his clients.

Happily married to his wife, Fiona, whom he met in class at university whilst his attention wandered away from the lecturer and instead found a much better focus…

Two great daughters whom he totally adores.

Loves reading, learning new things that are practical in life, self-development, camping, photography, hiking, squash and badminton.

And always growing.

Rudi is also a sought after public speaker.
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A personal biography …

The 6 Most Important Things You Should Know About Rudi Jansen…

1) Qualified as Chartered Accountant in South Africa

2) Personally coached over 220 small to medium sized enterprises honing his ability to rapidly deploy strategies to enhance profitability, with astounding results and great feedback from owners and investors with some client growing as much as 400% in 24 months.

3) Extensive education, with a combination of business coaching and accountancy giving Rudi a unique and powerful insight into successful business planning:

2013 – Approved Growth Accelerator Coach
2011 – 1 of only 4 Internationally Certified “The Coaches Coach” Coach Trainers
2011 – Harv Eker’s Train the Trainer & Ultimate Leadership Camp
2008 – Evolution Training, Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner
2007 – Evolution Training, NLP Practitioner
2005 – The Coaching Academy, Diploma in Coaching
2003 – Toastmasters International, Recognised Competent Toastmaster
2002 – South African Institute of Chartered Accountants
2000 – University of South Africa, Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree
1999 – University of South Africa, Bachelor of Commerce Degree

4) From a young age always looking for the quickest and most practical way to accomplish tasks.

5) Happily married to Fiona, his wife of 13 years with daughters Jess & Holly

6) Voracious reader of titles on business leadership and management. Enjoys photography, camping (weather permitting), self development, hiking, squash and badminton.

Jeremy Harbinson – Harbinson Mulholland

“We’ve already seen the implementation of structure, and goals and plans are highly beneficial.”

Jeremy Harbinson

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