How To Increase Your Profits, Work Less Hours And Build A Hands-Free Practice That Gives You Freedom

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Presented By Rudi Jansen

Author Of #1 Amazon Best-Seller ‘The Highly Profitable Accountant’ And Head Coach At Accoa.

Here's The Thing...

Every managing partner in the country knows that in order to grow your accountancy practice, you’ve got to stop working IN it, and start working ON it. 

When you’re working IN your practice, you’re like a ‘pawn’ on a chess board, always on the front line fighting battles and trying to move forwards.  

And when you’re working ON your practice, you become the ‘king’, controlling the game strategically from the back and picking your moves wisely. 

You see, the reality is that we all understand the theory… 

We’ve read the books. 

Michael Gerber’s E-Myth, Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Tim Ferris’s 4-Hour Work Week. And many more. 

But very few partners understand the actual step-by-step system needed to stop working IN their practice, and start working ON it. 

And without this system to shift you from working IN to working ON the practice, most partners find themselves stuck, and unable to move. 

You see, having worked with managing partners for many years I’ve come to realise one thing… 

Being stuck – comfortably – is the easy option 

Why rock the boat? 

You earn reasonably good money. You live a reasonably good lifestyle. You run a reasonably successful practice. 

But this reasonable “comfort” comes at a price… 

And that price? 

That price is freedom. 

  • The sucess of your practice relies on you turning up each and every day
  • Your income is limited because if you want to earn more, you've got to work harder
  • If something goes wrong, it falls back on your shoulders and you're the one who has to fix it

In other words, when you're reasonably comfortable, you're trapped in your practice...

But why would you want to risk your comfort, your reasonable money, your reasonable lifestyle and your reasonable practice for something that sounds like a lot of hard work? 

So you continue to wonder… 

Should you risk changing things? 

Or should you leave them as they are? 

And as the days, the weeks, the months and the years roll by, this stuck comfort zone becomes more and more like a life sentence. 

Here’s the truth. It’s not hard work, it’s actually less work. 

The most successful managing partners who have built practices that give them freedom and choice – they didn’t get where they are because they worked harder. 

They achieved it because they had the right system and processes to get them there in the first place. 

And for some partners, this system has literally helped them triple their turnover, while only working 3 days a week. 

At its most basic, here is the formula… 

Predictable Growth Strategy + Self-Reliant Team + Scalable Systems = More Money & Less Work 

Could you figure out all the elements in that formula by yourself? 

Of course you could. 

If you had enough time and focus to figure it out, anything is possible

But why try to re-invent the wheel? 

Instead of struggling to figure out the system yourself, let me give you the exact system my BlackBelt clients follow to make more money, get their time back and achieve freedom from their practices. 

No more guesswork. 

Just learn and implement the step-by-step system other partners are using to grow their practices, whilst at the same time working less. 


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Webinar Capacity Strictly Limited To 50 People


  •  Why You’re Operating On A Broken Model 

And how it’s bleeding you time & money every year… 

  •  The Practice Growth Blueprint™ 

The 9 step system my Blackbelt clients follow to make more money, get their time back and achieve freedom from their practices. 

  •  The Foundations Of A Consistent & Predictable Growth Strategy 

Start by understanding the 3 keys to continuous growth, and then how to systemise this so your practice grows on autopilot.

  •  How To Find & Develop A 'Self-Reliant' A+ Team

If you want freedom, then you need a team that can operate without your help. You can’t win the Olympic gold with a B-team! 

  •  How To Create Scalable Systems & Processes 

Once you’ve got your systems in place, it’s time to go hands-free and scale them up! 


Paul Carvell

"Turnover has trebled & staff numbers have doubled. I now work 3 days a week and take 10 weeks holiday a year." 

Paul Carvell – 5 Directors

"With Rudi's help our practice went from unorganised chaos to complete control in less than 60 days!" 

Hilene Henry - 3 Partners

Jeremy Harbinson

“For the last 30 months we have been guided and mentored by Rudi and it has made a huge difference to nearly every aspect of our practice.

Jeremy Harbinson – 9 partners


"The big difference is I have somebody specifically helping me to work on my own personal practice" 

Ashley Barrowclough - 1 Partner

Matt Donnelly

"I think that I've personally grown more in the last few months as an individual than I have in the 8 years up till now"  

Matt Donnelly - 2 Partners

Naz Khaliq

"We're more organised, we measure more, we're more profitable and we achieve more!" 

Naz Khaliq - 2 Partners

Graham Eden

"What we get that we don't get elsewhere is the catalyst to implement all of our ideas, thoughts and processes"

Graham Eden - 2 Partners

Alan Rajah

"It gives me a structured plan that I never had before. It allows me to focus my time on key areas of the practice." 

Alan Rajah - 4 Partners


"I went from working 24/7 to working 4 days a week, 11am-4:30pm, WHILST growing my practice" 

Elena Kudryakova - 1 Partner


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Webinar Capacity Strictly Limited To 50 People